Testimonials from Clients


I am energised because my energy is feminine and abundant. I’ve become one of the highest performing sales women in my job and am often told I am magnetic.

I still remember the sad night I had enough of my sexual frustration. I was ashamed of myself, my body and of my desires. I pushed pleasure all the way to the tiny hours of the night while I spent all my waking hours as a successful career-driven woman. I love my career, but it was self destructive and I sacrificed pleasure, desire, play and curiosity. I sat in bed realising that if I continued this life, I KNEW I’d wake up as a 35 year old woman hating her life, body and in an un-loving relationship. In a deep panic I reached out to Irene — she was the first and only person I sought help for sexual education, awareness and help.

I have worked with Irene for 6 months and I have seen DRAMATIC results in my life. The first being, to communicate my desires. I started out as a shy, ashamed and angry girl. I had been taught to push all passion, desire and sexuality aside in pursuit of career success as an Accountant. After working with Irene, not only do I voice my desires, I ACT on them. I have become a talented dancer and successful sales woman in a job I love. 

The second dramatic result was to awaken my sexual self. Before, I perceived my sexuality and femininity as a liability in my career and in my identity. I thought I’d be a push-over or I’m displeasing God. With Irene’s help she has given me confidence to exude femininity and use sexual energy in all aspects of my life. Even in my sales job! Consequently, I am always energised because my energy is feminine and abundant. I’ve become one of the highest performing sales women in my job and am often told I am magnetic.

The third dramatic result was my self love and self acceptance. Before, I was very ashamed of my shortcomings, inexperience and appearance. Irene taught me skills to help me love all of me, with compassion and understanding. In turn, I love myself and I desire to see myself as beautiful, joyful and happy. This reflection has caused me to become attractive to other people too! Wow! I am approached by both men and women as someone they would love to be friends with!! Now, I am confident dating men again

I am still working with Irene and she is an amazing part of my life. She is there for many important milestone. I love her very much!! She’s my family.

Pia, 30, Brisbane, Australia


We learned how to do long-term relationship with Irene ...

We've both grown so much individually and as a couple … both much happier in our marriage. We were in a rough spot when we started ... tons of bickering … always feeling on edge like a fight was just around the corner, feeling drained by one another/our relationship and not on the same page as a couple. After coaching with Irene, we feel like a squeaky clean new couple. We're much more filled up individually, so we are filled up by our relationship, have sex much more frequently and more fulfilling sex, we have tools on how to do relationship so we rarely fight now. We ... both feel so much more freedom and joy from our relationship. We're also showing our son, and future children, what a healthy marriage looks and feels like.

Irene ... lovingly guided us through some very tender times and got us to drop our swords and taught us to open our hearts to one another again. Her coaching is the perfect blend of tangible skills/communication, energy, holding a strong space and having fun. Do it — it takes work, courage, tears, healing and it is 1000% worth it because the love, freedom and joy on the other side is better than you can imagine.

Erin and Doug Holt • Entrepreneurs and Married Couple • Maine, USA
Freedom Lifestyle Mentor and Business and Men's Leadership Mentor


We’ve brought life back into our relationship … and it feels like we’re now in a state of effortless love.


Working with Irene has been life-changing! We came to Irene when things felt really hard in our relationship, as lack of trust was making communication and connection challenging and also our sex life. We’ve brought life back into our relationship … and it feels like we’re now in a state of effortless love. We trust each other, we have more connection, and we’re able to flow between situations, not worrying that we’ll say the wrong thing to each other. We’ve come closer together — in our everyday communication, in our love, in how we no longer leave each other behind during arguments, disagreements or hurt feelings, and in sex as we learned to put our guard down and be with each other in a more connected way.

As a man, I feel stronger for having learned how to be vulnerable, and I know I am making our relationship stronger when I am able to be open and honest and not fear showing that side of myself to my wife. I am being more effective and stronger for her, and as a result, we’re able to face what comes up together. As a woman, I learned to be more at ease with myself, and to allow myself to trust and depend on my husband, in a way that my older self couldn’t because of the walls I had put up around myself.  

Irene has developed an amazing set of tools, and she has an extraordinary ability of holding space so that each of us has the opportunity to truly be heard and understood and to say what we needed to say. That somehow made our challenges more manageable and intimacy easier. Having done this work, thinking about the future that we want to create from here is easy and we are confident that we can do it.

S & J • Married couple in their 30s • Colorado, USA


Our relationship is the best it’s been in recent years and that’s a lot due to our renewed intimacy.


Surely not unlike many other couples who have been together 10 plus years, sex was something we just did. We were, for many years, going through the same patterns that we always had and we felt “satisfied.” It wasn’t until we had an honest conversation of “Are you getting what you want out of this?” that we realised that neither of us were.

And as ridiculous as it was to engage a coach on the other side of the planet, it has been life changing. Our relationship is the best it’s been in recent years and that’s a lot due to our renewed intimacy.

We had no idea what we wanted or how to get there, but knew that “spicing it up” wasn’t the answer. We were looking to lay ground work so that our intimate relationship fed the rest of our relationship for the years to come … and great sex is obviously a key to that. Irene provided a supportive environment, helped us grow both as a couple and individually so that we could bring the best of ourselves to the bedroom. We learnt that just “satisfied” isn’t what we want our intimate relationship and sex life to be … we wanted it to be amazing and we, with help from Irene, are well on the way to achieving that.

Tom and Lacey, Married Couple, Brisbane, Australia


I am free to express and embody all the shades of my femininity and sexuality.


Irene’s coaching is alluring, beautiful, and POWERFUL. She has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and even when I wanted to stay small, she has gently and lovingly and yet firmly pushed me to play bigger. I am so feminine and flowy that I can be deep in my sea of emotions and feminine energy, and I needed a powerful coach who is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy to support me on my sexual awakening and transformation journey. With her support, I am becoming my truth and embodying the divine feminine so I can finally feel free in my divine sensual experiences. There always been fire inside me … by working through my fog of fears and limiting beliefs and integrating this mindset work with body work and feeling the sensations in my body, the gates of my heart and body have opened. In this journey, I have spent the time honoring the darkness of my past and processing my shame around my sexuality and learned the intricacies of seduction and my sexuality. I am now ready to express my sexuality. Express my wild woman. I want to express who I am deep inside that I’ve kept hidden since childhood. I know I am a Sex and Sensual Goddess since childhood because this is my portal to connect to the Universe and the Divine. I’ve faced my wounds and shadows. Besides connecting to my sexuality, my sexual energy has fed my creative projects and I’ve re-discovered my creativity and understand that my true calling in my life is to be a creative artist and healer.

Sexual work is deep and intense, yet it is also light and playful and fun. What I have learned: that I am free to express and embody all the shades of my femininity and sexuality. I have gained my womanhood and my gift of my sexuality. Thank you, thank you, and thank you with all my heart, Irene!

Priyanka Yadvendu • Creative Artist www.priyankayadvendu.com • California, USA


I have realized some inner truths, like I am tired of trying to control everything, and the messy side of my personality is dying to come out!


I reached out to Irene after struggling on my own for years, but wanting to make a change before my wedding. My fiancé and I went through some challenging times, and I was feeling stuck and unable to move past old hurts. For years I had been slowly building up walls, and separating myself both emotionally and physically, even though I wanted nothing but closeness and intimacy deep down. Irene made me feel at ease right away: she has a way of guiding you to answers you didn't know you had inside you. After only a couple of months of working together, I am now able to reach for my partner when I need him. I have shed the fear of not being good enough for my partner. I have realized some inner truths, like I am tired of trying to control everything, and the messy side of my personality is dying to come out! I have transformed from rigid to soft, from closed off to open, and from insecure in my relationship to more confident and connected than ever. Irene has provided the safe space I needed to process, and move forward. I can't wait to see what the coming months hold for our work together! 

Sarah • Engaged • Marketing Director • Colorado, USA


I feel much more positive about our marriage!

My husband and I are in a completely different place than when we started working with Irene. We've learned how to communicate verbally and physically, how to ask for what we want. I feel much more positive about our marriage!

Louisa • Married • Iowa, USA


Irene's coaching has helped us take steps towards where we want to be, rather than trying to fix everything all at once.

Irene has also helped remove the negativity from our thinking about intimacy issues and gotten us to a place where we think of this as a normal growing pain in a longstanding relationship. We've learned different approaches to understanding intimacy, from love languages to masculine/feminine dynamics. We've learned how to better communicate and acknowledge feelings instead of talking past each other.

Krystal & Ira • Married Couple in their 30s • London, UK


Irene helped me move to the next level in my healing process as a sexual individual and as a partner in a relationship.

Working with Irene was wonderful. I've worked with many different types of therapists and coaches along my healing journey, and Irene's approach is unique. She offered me support that was free of judgement and filled with knowledge and understanding, the kind of which I had not come across before. Working with her helped me to move to the next level in my healing process as a sexual individual and as a partner in a relationship. Thank you so much Irene for sharing your wisdom and support!

Anna Holtzman • Life Coach • New York, USA


I feel like I am becoming a better version of myself in all areas of life — it has been awakening in many ways. 


Before coaching with Irene, I had been with my now husband, whom I love very much, for over 10 years, but I was frustrated that I didn't want sex. I felt abnormal, self conscious, and I felt bad that I was neglecting this area for him. After a few sessions with Irene, I understand much more about myself as a whole (not just in regards to sex). As a result, I feel like I am becoming a better version of myself in all areas of life — it has been awakening in many ways. 

Jennifer • Nurse Practitioner • Married & mother of 2


I feel more joy in my every day life at home. I recognize that this is a journey, not a race— and I walk it more fearlessly.


When I approached Irene, I was despondent and resentful of my spouse. I wanted a deeper connection with him, more intimacy and honesty. After working with Irene to identify my needs and my fears, I am able to communicate honestly and directly with my spouse, and this has led to a deeper feeling of connectivity and deeper level of intimacy with him. I appreciate this about the coaching: Irene is gentle yet tough. She was able to gently guide me to see where I needed more intense self-care and introspection, and she held me accountable. As a result, I feel more joy in my every day life at home. I recognize that this is a journey, not a race— and I walk it more fearlessly thanks to the coaching by Irene.

Physician • Married & mother of 2



I'm growing as a person and growing in my marriage. 

Before coaching with Irene, I was lacking desire to have sex with my husband, whom I love very much. We had only been married for 3 years, and I felt like I was broken and that there was something inherently wrong with me. After a few sessions, I started to learn the importance of daily practices and acknowledging fear and desire. It helped me to understand more about myself in many areas.  As a result, I'm growing as a person and growing in my marriage. 

Krystal, 32 • Married • London


I feel fully alive, vital and sexy. My relationship with my husband is hotter … sexier … exciting.

I see myself completely differently. My love for myself (and realization that I matter) has grown tremendously. I don’t feel numb anymore. I don’t hold back as much. I feel fully alive and vital and sexy. I feel powerful and magnetic. What I am most proud of is my openness to talk with my husband about things I was afraid to ask for before. My relationship is hotter, more fun, sexier, exciting. Coaching with Irene has been fun, and the most valuable coaching I’ve ever gotten.

Suzan • Relationship Coach • www.couplesignited.com

Irene helped me find and connect, mind and body, to the woman I knew was inside.

I had spent years in my head and totally disconnected from my body. I felt flat. I knew I wanted to feel differently but I wasn't sure what to do about it. Irene helped me to zero in on how I wanted to feel within my body, then name and claim those desires. I laughed, cried, cussed, and got turned on! Working with Irene was nothing short of transformational. Don't let her sweet voice fool you though, she's tough ... and you'll love her for it! And you'll love yourself too!  

Stephanie • Artist

With Irene's support, I transformed from doubting to resting in a knowing that I'm ok, no matter what. When I do doubt I recover faster. Irene challenged me to use daily practices that created significant changes freeing me from old unhelpful patterns. Irene's affirming approach allowed me to feel safe enough to be messy and also to celebrate my accomplishments. She continually asked questions and made offerings in a way that called me to rely on my internal guidances instead of an external authority. 

TraceyJoy Miller, Spiritual Healer, traceyjoy.com

Working with Irene has truly been life changing. From the first session I felt a shift in my energy. I have been able to access positive energy and genuine happiness and let it flow in a way that I have not been able to in the past. 

I have done therapy on and off for years, but working with Irene I have felt comfortable saying things I have never uttered out loud to anyone. Irene creates a safe, open, and completely non-judgmental space where I am free to express my deepest fears, desires, and craziest of crazy thoughts. Through this work, I am able to live the life I have wanted for a long time.

Sometimes you meet people (or follow people from afar) that you feel have some secret formula to live a happy life. Irene is one of those people, and in working with her you feel that she wants everyone to access this power and knowledge. 

Corinne, Education Consultant

In working with Irene on leadership as an entrepreneur, our journey together surprised me in many ways. I was not a big believer in coaching before, but Irene’s questions made me take a deep, honest look at myself, and her guidance helped me take real action and emerge at the other side a better leader, friend and decision-maker.  

Chedva Kleinhandler, Founder & CEO, lean-on.us


I was in a really challenging time in my life when I started working with Irene. I was not able to shake off this constant feeling of being a victim in my life, not being good enough, and constantly putting up excuses for not being satisfied with my life. She helped midwife me through a process of opening me to my choices and desires in life. I feel I am more of a co-creator in my life. I feel lovable, worthy, grateful, excited and engaged in my life. I am fully aware that my life is a result of my choices: in actions, thoughts, feelings, intentions and prayers. I am really grateful for the deep love and support that I have received from Irene. I feel incredibly blessed!

M, Teacher

Working with Irene as a coach is something to look forward to. Irene is extremely compassionate, humorous & vibrant. As a coach, she had the ability to guide a group of people in no time to higher grounds, shaping their personal skills and talents in a way they’ll never forget. During the Desire Fest workshop, she helped motivate me and bring awareness to some of my deep desires. I truly enjoyed working with her. 

Ramya Mehul, Marketing Manager

Irene takes a direct approach to coaching in that she takes me out of my comfort zone so I'm forced to break out of my norm to go beyond. The experience was not only uplifting but has allowed me to be more methodical and positive when dealing with difficult situations. A rewarding experience indeed!

Katherine, Marketing Director

I started working with Irene [through The Coaching Fellowship] because I wanted to better define and realize my professional goals. I very quickly realized we were doing much more than that. With Irene's help, I have begun to integrate dreams and desires across all of the previously disparate aspects of my life. By understanding myself as a whole person, I more clearly see my preferences, skills and achievements, building confidence in myself, my vision for my life and my ability to create that vision.

Tiffany Hopkins, Founder, thefound.org

I hadn’t worked with a life coach before contacting Irene. She was conscientious, compassionate, and exceptionally supportive as she guided me through the process for the first time. What impressed me the most was how well she listened and observed where I was in each session, tailoring the activities and work accordingly. 

Kelly Chatain, Artist

Irene is amazing! She’s so easy to talk and open up to that before you know it you have moved beyond and out of your comfort zone. She challenges you to discover your own analyses of feelings and actions. I feel better equipped to manage life and my feelings thanks to the challenges and tools she gives me. She teaches you to celebrate YOU, and she celebrates right along with you!

Swiyyah White, Lawyer

Irene is a wonderfully skilled coach, compassionate and intuitive who holds your accountable. My work with Irene has been empowering: Irene champions the best version of myself and holds that vision and provides a safe place to explore possibilities and encourages me to step into my greatest potential. I am so grateful for the invaluable insights and support she gives me.

Angie May, Life Coach

Working with Irene has been a profound, eye-opening experience. She listens deeply and compassionately and is very easy to talk to. Irene is extremely intuitive, curious and warm. Her bold, thought-provoking questions have helped guide me to discover my own answers, which I didn’t realize I had. To have Irene’s support had been encouraging and empowering. She had a true gift of bringing out awareness and possibility in others.

Michelle, Financial Analyst

Irene has had a magical impact in my life. She helped me through my personal challenges. She is one compassionate, genuine, and humble person – who has a very strong personality. She is a great listener, who softly guided me to find the answer within me to help me get out of my crisis. Unlike others, who give recommendations, she helped me resolve my issues by looking for the answers within! Finally, Irene really cares about people and is really passionate about helping.

Ibby, Senior Marketing Manager