How to Make Sex Work in a Long-term Monogamous Relationship


Can sex actually grow, expand and get better over time
in a long-term relationship?

Hi! I am Irene Fehr, sex coach for committed couples, and I am going to tell you about the repeating patterns that I see couples make that either lead them to losing sexual connection in a long-term relationship — or creating a sustainable long-term sexual relationship that is ever-evolving, exciting, passionate and intimate.

Watch the video training above or read below to learn about the 3 types of sex — then let’s talk about creating a breakthrough in your relationship.


Ways to Create Connection Sex


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I feel fully alive, vital and sexyMy relationship with my husband is hotter … sexier … exciting.

Suzan Acker • Relationship Coach • Ottowa, Canad


Our relationship is the best it’s been in recent years and that’s a lot due to our renewed intimacy..

Tom and Lacey • Married Couple • Brisbane, Australia